Manage Customer Profitability

Profit through customer-focused value pricing

Grow Sales and Margins

Developing a winning pricing strategy requires setting the baseline with an independent view of your existing sales data followed by price sensitivity analyses of key customer types.

The right pricing actions specific to market and audience will deliver bottom line and margin results quickly and consistently.

Looking to:

  • Expand through value-based pricing
  • Quantify the value of your product attributes under different pricing scenarios
  • Project demand curves for penetration and ramp-up
  • Reposition your pricing strategy for growth

Our Approach
Every engagement leverages our institutional knowledge and ongoing monitoring of residential and construction markets. We balance supply and demand, examine the competitive landscape, and capture the voice of the customer from primary research, including in-depth phone interviews and large-scale phone and web surveys. Our team of functional and industry experts analyze the data and synthesize to form our perspectives on growth opportunities for your business. LEARN MORE

Case Study

Realigned Pricing Strategy in Laminate Countertops

A leading supplier of high-pressure laminate countertops sought to expand its margins through product repositioning with value-based pricing.

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Find Opportunities to Grow Your Business

Challenges and Opportunities
  • Which customers make you money vs. those who don’t?
  • How can you segment your customers based on service tiers?
  • How can you use price as a profit lever to increase margins?
  • What types of pricing programs should be offered?
How We Support Decision Making
  • Segment customers by profitability
  • Gain higher portion of customer spend and market share
  • Rebalance product and customer mix to drive profitability
  • Create new pricing tactics within the organization
  • Set pricing actions to maximize sales and margins

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