Perform M&A Due Diligence

Realize a market-based valuation for the target

Assess Investment Opportunities

Acquisitions represent opportunities to create new levels of growth and value, but there are pitfalls in the process that are avoidable. Insightful diligence based on industry knowledge gained through market access mitigates the risk of any acquisition.

If you’re looking to vet quality sources of inorganic growth for existing businesses or new business platforms. Principia provides M&A due diligence services to support your investment decision.

Looking to:

  • Examine market and product trends
  • Assess stability of target’s customer position through customer insights
  • Validate the industry growth and target’s projections
  • Evaluate target’s industry and its competitive position
Case Study

Due Diligence of Building Products Producer

A private equity investor group needed a detailed business analysis of an acquisition target's building products business.

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Due Diligence of Building Products Producer

Find Opportunities to Grow Your Business

Challenges and Opportunities
  • What analysis is available on the acquisition target’s products?
  • What are the market dynamics for the product category?
  • How large is the market size?
  • What are the growth projections?
How We Support Decision Making
  • Provide a full view of the market, including supply-demand
  • Identify market dynamics impacting the target
  • Assess the competitive position of the target and its primary competitors
  • Develop analysis for what it’ll take to outperform the market
  • Create projection model to support financial valuation for the target

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