Acquisition Identification and Screening in Metal Roofing


An investor was interested in participating in the fast-growing metal roofing market and needed a better understanding of the size and growth of the opportunity. In addition, the company wanted to develop a starting list of potential investments to enter the business.


Principia’s Metal Roofing 2018 provided the client with a comprehensive demand, supply and growth outlook for the business. The report identified both the types of metal roofing that were fastest growing as well as the regions where the best opportunities could be found. Within the report’s supply analysis, Principia provided background and portfolio analysis on over 25 leading metal roofing companies and their position within the overall context of the industry. The supply side of the industry was shown to be highly fragmented and worthy of investment.


Principia’s client used the report to construct a short list of companies to approach for investment. Following standard acquisition protocol, the client has made a significant investment in the industry and plans to use its initial acquisition as a platform for growth with bolt on acquisitions to make a consolidated base.

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