Defining Market Share Opportunities Using Specific Supply-Demand Data


A leading pro dealer sought to understand its competitive position in a specific state. The dealer was acquiring other locations in state and concern existed among several of its locations that they were competing with themselves.


Specific aspects of demand for the various LBM product categories sold by the company’s locations were pulled from Principia’s DemandBuilder® and SupplyBuilder® data products. The data was segmented state demand down to the CBSA level, further displayed by new construction vs. R&R and single family vs. multifamily. Additionally, products and specific brands for dealer and retailer locations in the state were pulled to determine the level of market coverage for not only the company but its competitors.


The client leveraged the data to confirm that limited competitive overlap between its dealers. Moreover, the data pointed to the broader opportunity for share growth for each of its locations in the state. Rollout of a similar process is planned for all other states where the pro dealer has current presence as well as states where the company is planning to participate through acquisition.

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