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Demonstrating strong growth of demand, residential wallboard has increased 9.8% by volume and 28.1% by value since 2020. Using DemandBuilder®, you can access the data needed to determine current and projected industry demand and gain insights on market dynamics through 2024.

Grow with DemandBuilder®

Segment Product Demand

Evaluate current market demand and projections for growth.

Identify Revenue Opportunities

Leverage growth drivers and work with your customers to grow market share in product, market, and/or geography.

Align Sales Resources

Ensure your territory opportunities are synced with sales resources to ensure effective market coverage.

Subscription Features

DemandBuilder® subscriptions are updated quarterly with the latest view of the wallboard market, so you stay abreast with the latest data throughout the year.

Custom Territories

Access a personal view of product demand based on your sales territories.

Macroeconomic Dashboards

Quick access to historical and current economic statistics and the impact on demand.

Summary Briefs

Receive two summary briefs in your annual subscription highlighting market shifts and insights.

Voice of Customer

Ask how you can incorporate relevant voice of customer insights into your subscription.

How It All Breaks Down

Interactive demand data is divided by segments and materials covered.

  • Unit volume and revenue
  • Application
    Wall and ceiling
  • Market
    New construction, repair and remodel
  • Unit type
    Single family and multifamily
  • Geography
    National, regional, divisional, state, CBSA and county level
  • Accoustical
  • Fire-rated (both Types C and X)
  • Glass mat
  • Moisture and mold-resistant
  • Standard (or regular)
  • Other

Data Visualizations and Customizations Come Standard

  • Sales regions and territories mapped overlay in DemandBuilder®
  • Customized views support your company’s data needs
  • External demand data can be integrated with internal operating data to create a company-specific views

Your Success Is Our Success

Principia is dedicated to partnering with clients to ensure your team gets maximum value and impact using DemandBuilder.

What to Expect

  • Formal team onboarding and ongoing training
  • Portal support by a customer success manager
  • Training for new team members
  • Access to industry analysts / subject matter experts
  • Check-in throughout partnership to discuss needs and successes
  • Portal and industry specific communications via email and blogs

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