Residential siding and trim demand is projected to maintain 84% in net manufacturer revenue of the $9.8 Billion originally projected for the United States demand in 2020.  

Key Principia COVID-19 Coverage Analysis Takeaways:

  • South Atlantic, Pacific, and West South Central divisions will be the most affected
  • Hardest hit states for siding and trim demand will be Texas, California, and Florida

What’s Next for the Siding and Trim Market:

  • What does the recovery ramp look like for siding and trim demand?
  • What are the scenarios for 2020 demand recovery?
  • How will multifamily vs. single family recover?
  • What recovery rates exist for new construction vs. repair and remodel?

Principia has the base case for siding and exterior trim demand recovery and the U, L, and V shaped scenarios. Contact Principia to get a demo of the analysis.

Principia has the COVID-19 analysis that provides the answers to these questions. Our COVID-19 and Macroeconomic Data is available through a monthly subscription of $2,500. This subscription provides immediate access to semi-weekly updated data to provide you with the latest developments impacting the residential building materials and construction industry.

Please reach out to our team to request a demo of our COVID-19 coverage.