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New Products from Principia Address Changing Customer Behavior in Building Materials

Changes in buying and selling preferences over the past year are forcing building products suppliers to reexamine how they interact directly or indirectly with all parts of the value chain. Principia has now introduced a series of new syndicated research products based on voice of the customer feedback to identify and measure how suppliers are messaging and delivering value to selected stakeholders in several building product categories. Similar products aimed at other stakeholders with expanded category coverage will be introduced over time.

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Social Listening

Monitoring social media channels for customer feedback offers an unfiltered view of how your brand is perceived by key stakeholders interacting with your products. Market-level insights are captured through direct mentions of your brand and those of your competitors from online interactions, mentions, and posts. Social listening taps into thousands of different conversations all at once, capturing real thoughts and opinions of participants across the value chain. Results create an opportunity for a brand to proactively generate relevant messaging or make positive strategy corrections.

Social Listening 2021 is available for the following categories:

Homeowner Journey

Understanding the journey of homeowners throughout the decision-making process during home improvement projects can help strengthen customer relationships. Mapping the homeowner journey can help you gain a competitive advantage by examining how brand owners, dealers, and contractors influence decisions at each stage of the process. Armed with this knowledge, you are better equipped to aim your resources to ensure key touch points positively influence brand decision along the path to purchase.

Homeowner Journey 2021 is available for the following categories:

Contractor Satisfaction

Contractors are key influencers and determinants of supplier revenue. Most contractors align with a lead and secondary brand offered to homeowners when bidding on a project. Understanding the key drivers of satisfaction and how brands perform against each other, provide insights and actionable steps to increase share. Contractor satisfaction is one of the most effective means to drive results, as continuously improving is key to driving supplier performance and increasing share.

Contractor Satisfaction 2021 is available for the following categories:

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