State of the Construction Flashing & Tapes Industry
Flashing and tapes used in the construction market are thin continuous impervious materials that prevent water and air infiltration within the building envelope. These products are used around windows, doors, and wall or roof protrusions. By taping cracks and seams and flashing rough openings, builders ensure a tight seal to prevent water from entering a building and manage air barrier properties of the building envelope.

Flashing and tapes can be rigid, flexible, or liquid-applied. Rigid types include plastics and metals. Flexible types include polymer- or other film-backed butyl, SBS modified asphalt, or acrylic systems. Traditional construction tapes are used to seal seams and joints on housewrap, sheathing, and other vapor barrier materials. Liquid materials are highly flexible, waterproof polymeric materials used in conjunction with compatible mesh tapes to provide a water-resistant membrane with certain building envelope systems as an alternative to flashing tapes.

Demand for flashing and tapes to support weather resistant protection for the building envelope has grown, along with the demand for weather resistant barriers as builders and owners strive to meet continuously stricter building codes at the same time as states move to adopt them. Flashing and tapes may be sold either as separate products or by roofing, window, door and weather resistant barrier suppliers as part of an integrated system.

The 2012 International Building Code requires wall assemblies, including all combustible weather barrier materials, to pass NFPA 285 requirements which will impact the selection and use of certain flashing and tape products. In addition, other code regulations including IECC and LEED are driving higher emphasis on energy conservation for all newly built as well as renovated buildings, whether residential or commercial.

The research in this report will delineate demand patterns and market direction of this very critical element of the building envelope system and provide an outlook for North America through 2017. All major types of flashing and tapes will be covered and the insights will serve as a baseline for business forecasting and strategic planning, competitive positioning and understanding of the channel dynamics that drive the direction of this product category.

Key topics that will be investigated on the residential side include what product types are preferred by builders and contractors, code requirements for residential roof flashing; the role of certified installer programs; and the types of training that is needed for flashing and tapes installation, among other issues.

Report Scope 
The report focus is flashing and tapes in residential and commercial construction. Geographical scope is North America (US & Canada).

Products and Applications Covered

Report Format

  • Executive Summary – Summary of current market size, trends and developments, keys for future success and outlook
  • Products Review – A review of construction flashing and tapes products, along with recent product advances and developments
  • Market Assessment – A thorough analysis of demand in North America will provide the baseline. A three-year projection will provide insights into how demand is most likely to shift by material, channel and region
  • Business Assessment – A realistic business assessment to help target market opportunities

Using the Report
This report will serve as an important baseline analysis for forecasting and business planning purposes by existing and new industry participants. Using 2014 as the baseline, the study will analyze the drivers and trends of the flashing and tape market by region, distribution channel, market segment and material type, and will provide forecasts covering the next three years.

The report will provide insights into current and future products and competitive positioning, and will help companies anticipate unmet customer needs. The report also provides business insights on:

  • Up-to-date assessment of the flashing and tapes market
  • Voice of Customer on major industry trends in flashing and tapes systems
  • Identified product development needs and channel opportunities
  • Market share review for leading flashing and tape producers
  • Strategic insights into the growth segments of flashing and tapes
  • Dynamic market forecast based on Principia’s interactive econometric model

Included Features

  • Voice of Customer will be captured directly from over 500 interviews with manufacturers, distributors and dealers, builders and contractors, property owners and other relevant trade sources. The results of the interviews will be portrayed in graphical and tabular form to provide insights on the current and projected future state of the market. Correlations and contrasts will be depicted among the different industry participants, flashing and tape products and geographic regions
  • Market model and forecast tool – interactive market model tool enabling subscribers to evaluate the market through whatever lens they choose

All subscribers to the full program are offered a private presentation by the Principia project team with an open discussion about the report and to address any company-specific issues.The consultation is included in the subscription price. Contact us to learn more at