State of the Exterior Railing Industry
Residential exterior railing demand in North America is estimated to have a factory gate value of about $2.5 billion in 2013 and is expected to reach $3 billion or more by 2016 as new home construction rebounds and residential remodeling spending continues to increase. The economic recovery combined with homeowners’ continued interest in creating outdoor living space are both key drivers of railing demand and growth opportunities for manufacturers and fabricators.

Exterior railing product selection is strongly influenced by a home’s architecture as it is visible from the “curb” and consumers often select railing to match or complement the architectural style of the house. The aesthetic and functional properties of railing often enable premium pricing and better margins when compared to decking or porch flooring. However, generating higher margins does not come without risk to manufacturers and channel companies.

Maximizing both revenue and margin growth is highly dependent on having the colors and styles at the various price points positioned with the right channel partners in each region. In order to develop a strategy to properly align resources to best serve the market opportunity, a clear understanding of current trends in railing use, performance, and distribution is needed.

Residential Exterior Railing 2014 provides insights and in-depth market analysis into materials and trends and helps companies formulate strategies to capitalize on the projected growth. This in-depth report pieces together the complex network of manufacturers, fabricators, distributors, retailers and contractors, and the market trends that will drive railing demand over the next several years. It provides a clear picture of the industry and valuable analysis that can be used to identify new opportunities, help industry participants protect their market position and deliver top-line growth.

Report Scope
The report focuses on residential exterior railing in North America, including the United States and Canada.

Report Format

  • Executive Summary – Summary of current market size, trends, developments and keys for future success
  • Product Review – An overview of exterior railing materials and key brands along with recent product advances and developments
  • Market Assessment – A thorough analysis of the current demand in North America provides the baseline. A three-year projection provides insights into how this demand is most likely to shift by material, market, channel and region
  • Business Assessment – A realistic business assessment to help define industry opportunities.

Using the Report

Residential Exterior Railing 2014 provides a vital baseline analysis for forecasting and business planning for both new and existing industry participants. Using 2013 as its launch point, the study analyzes demand drivers and trends by region, distribution channel, market segment and material type, providing forecasts through 2016. It also analyzes trends in current products, new product developments and technologies, and competitive materials, helping companies anticipate customer needs as well as providing insight into:

  • Trends in building and design related to exterior railing
  • Up-to-date assessment on markets, materials and products
  • Code changes and impact on material preference and use in each region
  • Voice of Customer on major trends in aesthetics, material preferences, performance and brand selection
  • Identified product development needs and channel opportunities
  • Market share review for leading producers
  • Snapshot profiles of the leading companies active in the business
  • Regional demand and trend analysis
  • Strategic insights into this growing business

Included Features

  • Voice of Customer research captures more than 500 market touch points, including interviews and surveys with homeowners, contractors, builders, specifiers, retailers, dealers, distributors and fabricatora
  • Market model and forecast tool – interactive market model tool enabling subscribers to evaluate the market through whatever lens they choose


All subscribers to the full program are offered a private presentation by the Principia project team with an open discussion about the report and to address any company-specific issues.The consultation is included in the subscription price. Contact us to learn more at