State of the Weather Resistant Barriers Industry

The integrated building envelope concept has been taking shape for some time now and building material markets are making necessary adjustments. Weather Resistant Barriers (WRB) is one market that has possibly been most impacted by these changes.

Suppliers of WRBs have been forced to respond quickly to market changes due to the role of these products in reaching a 40% reduction in energy consumption driven largely by building codes. Advances in product performance and innovation have significantly changed the playing field for the WRB market since 2013 which warrants an updated and detailed analysis.

Changes in the WRB market since 2013:

  • Competition is Fierce – Structural sheathing has grown and attracted new competition based on the ability to combine performance characteristics and meet code requirements.
  • Changing Product Mix – Product advances in factory-applied vs. field-installed products are changing the product mix. Suppliers are being forced to reconsider their product offering compared to competitors.
  • Installation Matters – Fluid-applied chemistries are taking direct aim at traditional mechanically-applied products. This presents an opportunity for market entrants with similar technologies from other markets.
  • Systems are the Future – The coupling of multiple performance capabilities to create systems that address more than one application benefit such as:
    • Rain screens and cavity wall continuous insulation
    • Siding underlayment
    • Barrier wall systems
    • Air & moisture barrier systems
    • Thermal, moisture and air barriers in one

Report Scope 
The report focuses on liquid applied roofing in North America, including the United States and Canada.

Report Format

  • Executive Summary – Summary of current market size, trends and developments, keys for future success and outlook
  • Products Overview – A review of commercial WRB products, along with recent product advances and developments
  • Market Review – A thorough analysis of demand in North America will provide the baseline. A three-year projection will provide insights into how demand is most likely to shift by product, market, channel and region
  • Business Assessment – A realistic business assessment to help target market opportunities

Using the Report

Weather Resistant Barriers – Residential and Commercial 2018 provides a vital baseline analysis for forecasting and business planning for current and new industry participants. Using 2017 as its launch point, the report analyzes demand drivers and trends by material, construction type, distribution channel, supplier and region, providing forecasts through 2020.

It also analyzes trends in current products, new product developments and technologies, and competitive materials, helping companies anticipate customer needs, plus insights into:

  • Up-to-date market size and forecast
  • Voice of Customer feedback on usage and preference trends
  • Channel dynamics and trends impacting demand
  • Market share review for leading WRB producers
  • Strategic insights into growth of WRBs

Included Features

  • Voice of the Customer – research from interviews and surveys conducted among manufacturers, distributors and dealers, contractors, architects, building science consultants and commercial property owners provides fresh industry perspectives that assess issues driving material and supplier market shares
  • Market model and forecast tool – interactive market model tool enabling subscribers to evaluate the market through whatever lens they choose

All subscribers to the full program are offered a private presentation by the Principia project team with an open discussion about the report and to address any company-specific issues. The consultation is included in the subscription price. Contact us to learn more at