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Market Data on Demand Benefits

Market Data on Demand allows your business to quickly get custom data that will help you:

  • Develop next year's budget
  • Prepare for an internal or customer meeting
  • Shape a transaction deal
  • Support plans for markets to enter or exit
  • Identify market shifts or trends
  • Develop or refine marketing plans
  • Aim resources at specific markets or geographies
  • Screen markets for potential investment

Product Categories

Market Data on Demand covers a wide range of building products and is available for any of the following categories:


Almost anything is possible with Principia’s Market Data on Demand. All you need to do is determine which elements of data you need for a product category, and we’ll deliver a custom spreadsheet of your specs within two business days. Data at a category level is available by:

  • Unit volume demand
  • Revenue at manufacturer or channel level
  • Product segmented by material type
  • Construction type for new construction and repair and remodel
  • End-use application
  • Unit type for single family, multifamily
  • Geography offered in standard U.S. industry census reporting format or custom geocoding for your specific region or territory

Printable View

A printable version of our market data on demand services is available for download.