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Product Categories

Market Data on Demand is available for any of the following building product categories:

Cabinets • Countertops • Decking • Doors  • Flooring • Insulation • Lumber • Railing • Roofing • Siding • Weather Resistant Barriers • Windows

Market Data on Demand Benefits

Do you need quick data on the building materials industry to:

  • Develop next year's budget
  • Prepare for an internal or customer meeting
  • Shape a transaction deal
  • Identify market shifts or trends
  • Develop or refine marketing plans
  • Direct your sales team
  • Support plans for markets to enter or exit

Access to Principia's Market Data on Demand provides detailed market size and segmentation data for your specific needs fast.


Principia offers Market Data on Demand, detailed market size and segmentation data for selected product categories customized for your specific needs. This service offers the ability to obtain the data you need when you need it.

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