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Highly Focused Commercial Diligence

If you’re a corporate development professional, you likely value sources of growth for existing businesses and new business platforms. Principia provides M&A due diligence services.

Looking to:

  • Identify investment opportunities at the front end of the funnel
  • Support your investment thesis through market and target company vetting
  • Examine market and product trends
  • Assess stability of target’s customer position through customer insights
  • Validate the industry growth and target’s projections
  • Evaluate target’s industry and competitive position
Case Study

Due Diligence of Building Products Producer

A private equity investor group needed a detailed business analysis of an acquisition target's building products business.

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Due Diligence of Building Products Producer

Find Opportunities to Grow Your Business

Challenges and Opportunities
  • What analysis is available on the acquisition target’s products?
  • What are the market dynamics for the product category?
  • How large is the market size?
  • What are the growth projections?
How We Support Decision Making
  • Offer a 360 degree strategic view of the business
  • Provide an industry competitive view of product, market, channel and customer perspective
  • Develop analysis for what it’ll take to outperform the market
  • Create financial valuation modeling

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