In 2018, residential insulation demand in the United States was valued at $4.4 billion net manufacturer revenue. Principia’s DemandBuilder® Residential Insulation data product provides insights and data about current demand and forecasted growth. 

Data included in DemandBuilder® Insulation includes: 

  • Current and forecast demand 
  • Demand by region, material type, unit type, application type, and construction type 
  • Headwinds and tailwinds affecting the residential insulation market 
  • Key takeaways about residential insulation market demand and growth 
  • Voice of customer survey findings from dealers and contractors 

DemandBuilder® Residential Insulation was updated in July 2019 with data and insights from 2018 and forecast demand through 2021. For more information about Principia’s DemandBuilder® for residential insulation, contact ustoday.