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Polymer Siding: Aesthetic Approach

Manufacturers engineer stylish yet durable siding solutions for homeowners who desire wood without the frequent maintenance.

Qualified Remodeler
AUTHORS Kyle Clapham

Many consumers want the look of real wood on the exterior of their homes but not the continual upkeep associated with actual wood. Vinyl siding requires little-to-no maintenance yet often fails to produce the aesthetic that homeowners seek today. Polymer-based products, on the other hand, offer the appearance of real wood and provide superior moisture management to prevent damage.

The decking industry encountered a similar obstacle years ago, when people became fed up with splinters and called for alternative options. Cellular PVC and composite products filled that void and continue to gain market share today. Although polymer shakes and shingles represent only 2 percent of the siding market, according to Principia, the category is growing at roughly 5 percent annually.

The more exposure that remodelers as well as homeowners have with polymer siding, the more comfortable they will become with specifying and installing these materials. The following products give contractors an opportunity to educate their clients and recommend an appropriate siding solution.

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