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Demand Forecasting

Construction Industry Market Research with DemandBuilder®

Drive your business growth with a comprehensive view of demand in your market segment, leveraging data, analytics, and primary research-driven insights for informed decision-making.

Principia Demand Builder Demand Overview interface on a tablet

Market Solutions at Your Fingertips

Comprehensive Market Demand View

Gain the insights you need to better understand your served market and reveal opportunities for growth.

Three-Year Forecast

Access the data and information you need today to make better decisions for tomorrow.

Research-Driven Insights

Get customized data views to measure product demand and determine current share.

DemandBuilder® Features

Unleash one of the most powerful tools designed and supported by Principia’s leading experts to achieve profitable growth in the building and construction industry.

Downloadable Summary

Quickly review and share with colleagues the key takeaways on current market size, trends, and developments using our quick and insightful reporting tools.

Interactive Dashboards

Access comprehensive historical, current, and forecast data for specific products, markets, and regions, further segmented by construction and unit type.

Customized Data Sets

Optimize growth strategies with customized dashboards tailored to your sales territories, providing insights to identify market demand and growth potential.

Quarterly Updates

Gain exclusive access to the industry’s only data subscription, featuring quarterly updates derived from meticulous primary market research.

Principia Demand Builder Forecast Demand Overview on a mobile phone. Behind the phone is an evening sky over a lake surrounded by mountains

Comprehensive Market Coverage

We’re proud to offer DemandBuilder® for residential and commercial market segments. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, reach out — we’re always adding new markets to our catalog.

Principia Demand Builder Demand Zip Radius report on a tablet. Behind the tablet is house siding

How It Works


Access your customized dashboards with the help of our onboarding team.


Receive quarterly forecast updates and biannual summary reports with the latest insights and market trends.


Make informed decisions backed by extensive primary market research across the value chain.

Request a DemandBuilder® Demo

Your interactive demo of DemandBuilder® is just clicks away. Answer a few quick questions to get started.

Dig Deeper with Research & Consulting

Work directly with Principia’s experts to access powerful data and reporting or get tailored solutions based on the scope of your business. It’s simple: Share your goals with our team and get the research and guidance needed to reach them.