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Contractor Satisfaction Analysis & Reports

Expand Your Understanding of Contractor Needs

Customer satisfaction is the pinnacle of success in the building and construction industry. Working toward contractor loyalty can increase your revenue and market share. Let us show you how.

Principia Contractor Satisfaction report interface on a tablet

Corner the Market on Contractor Satisfaction

Market Performance

Find out how your company performs versus competitors on important drivers of satisfaction related to product, service, and support.

Customer Experience

Build a better working knowledge of customer requirements and concerns to better strategize your business approach.

Acquisition and Loyalty

Improve your standards of service to attract and retain customers, installers, and contractors.

Chart Your Path to Customer Retention and Loyalty

Competitive Performance Overview

Gain access to executive and result summaries with industry highlights, trends, and competitive performance by market segment.

Comparative Industry Analysis

Use our competitive data set to see how your company compares to
your competitors, the industry, and the highest performers.

Research-Backed Recommendations

Receive strategic recommendations for ongoing best practices and
analysis of high-performing competitors.

In-Depth Market Overview

Get an overview of market methodology based on Principia’s in-depth field research, analytics, and reporting

Principia contractor satisfaction report on a mobile phone

Comprehensive Market Coverage

Contractor Satisfaction assessments are currently offered as a customized analysis developed from a standard format in the following segments. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Reach out — we’re always adding to our product category coverage.

Principia contractor satisfaction output report on a tablet. Behind the tablet is siding on a house

How It Works


Measure the relative importance of 30 factors in contractors’ decisions to choose one company over another.


Rate supplier performance based on the Contractor Satisfaction Index assessing purchase decisions, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.


Create a visual representation of the results — including supplier strengths and weaknesses side-by-side with the scores of their major competitors.

Make Satisfied Contractors Part of the Plan

Ready to increase your revenue and market share by making Contractor Satisfaction a top priority? Fill out this short form and our team will be in touch.

Dig Deeper with Research & Consulting

Work directly with Principia’s industry experts to create a successful go-to-market strategy based on an extensive scope of your business — from a product, industry, channel, and customer perspective.