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Customer Sales Journey Market Research

Homeowner Customer Journey Analysis

Every customer’s journey is unique. Strengthen your client relationships and business strategy with insight-driven data and analysis at every step of the purchase process.

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Creating Loyal Customers — From Start to Finish

Customer Assessment

Find out how sales and marketing programs influence homeowner purchasing habits and decisions.

Process Nurturing

Learn the ins and outs of prospect nurturing to encourage a successful sale.

Post-Sale Follow Up

Understand homeowner expectations of post-sale to help garner long-term customer loyalty

Data-Driven Insights Designed to Capture and Keep Customers

Track Customer Journey

Track the stages of the homeowner journey from prospect to post-sale.

Stakeholder Personas

Develop customer personas to determine key interaction points throughout the purchase process.

Supplier Touchpoints

Become familiar with the role and influence of supplier touchpoints with each stakeholder to develop insights into a range of related topics.

Transaction Retrospective

Analyze post-sale expectations and unmet needs to identify opportunities to serve and win with targeted customer groups.

Principia Homeowner journey decision making report example on a mobile phone

Homeowner Journey — Stay In Step with Demand

Customer Journey assessments are currently offered as a customized analysis developed from a standard format in the markets below. Reach out if you don’t see the segment you’re looking for — we’re always adding to our product category coverage.

Principia homeowner journey emotional curve report on a tablet.

How It Works


Get detailed findings that break down each stage in the homeowner journey based on Principia’s in-depth research.


Utilize a visual map of the optimal homeowner journey detailing each crucial touch point during the sales process.


Receive strategic recommendations and best practices for acquiring and retaining customers.

Move Business Forward with Customer Insights

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Dig Deeper with Research & Consulting

Work directly with Principia’s experts to access powerful data and reporting or get bespoke solutions based on the scope of your needs. It’s simple: Share your goals with our team, receive the research and guidance needed to reach them.