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Residential Insulation Market Size and Demand Drivers

Featuring in-depth data and insights backed by primary research – now available in PDF, Excel and our interactive portal. Residential insulation market demand in 2022 was negatively impacted by continued supply issues, labor shortages and the conditions of the housing market and economy. It’s expected these underlying factors will take a bigger toll on the […]

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Residential Insulation Market Size and Demand Drivers

What is the Size of the Residential Decking Market?

What Is Driving Residential Flooring Demand?

Residential countertops demand for new construction is projected to grow 3.7% through 2025. Homeowners gravitate toward higher-end materials that are more durable, lower maintenance and last longer. Single family demand is projected to grow at an annual rate of 1.5% through 2025.

What Is Driving Residential Countertops Demand Through 2025?

Emerging Smart Window Technology Homeowners and contractors are taking notice of smart window technology. Key needs of technology Dynamic tinting, remote/automatic operation, and digital hub integration. A benefit of this technology is energy efficiency

“Smart” Homeowners Are Open to Innovation in the Windows Space

62% of new single family homes were part of an HOA in 2009. The percentage rose to 78% in 2021, a 26% increase.

Rise of HOAs Places Limitations on More Homeowners

Dodge Construction Network Acquires Principia Consulting

A Look at Residential Plumbing Fittings and Fixtures Demand

A look at key factors driving residential doors demand through 2024, including growth in the Mountain division states and repair and remodeling

Detailing Residential Doors Market Demand, Size, and Segmentation


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