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Do you need to know where the market is headed? Principia is directly connected with all stakeholders in the building materials industry value chain and can develop customer-driven actionable insights to drive revenue growth.

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Are you seeking deep insights on how market influencers impact demand on specific residential and commercial product categories? We’re trusted advisers with expertise in helping you grow revenue, margin and share.

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Do you need the latest view of key market drivers that directly impact your business? We provide a 360 degree strategic view of your business - from a product, market, channel and customer perspective - and what it takes to outperform the market.

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Featured Insights

Principia ‘Stat of the Week’ – February 19

HBS Dealer Lumberyards accounted for over half of residential exterior trim product sales in the United States, making them a crucial channel in trim go-to-market strategies. In 2018, lumberyards sold $1.6 billion of residential trim products in the United States. This roughly translates into $457 million in trim gross profit for lumberyards. Read the full […]

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Featured Insights

Product Monitor: Long-Lasting Products Drive Roofing Industry’s Growth

By: Vincent Salandro Builder & ProSales Upgrades to existing product lines, rather than the introduction of new products and materials, are shaping the growth trajectory of the residential roofing industry. Manufacturers are emphasizing products with high wind and impact resistance and high durability, cool roof product options, and products that comply with ever-tougher energy-efficiency requirements. […]

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Featured Insights

Principia ‘Stat of the Week’ — February 12

HBS Dealer Principia tracks over 14,000 unique points of distribution in the U.S. for residential railing products across six different location types. Approximately 25% of residential railing goes direct to the builder/contractor. Railing for multifamily high-rise projects run through commercial channels: the railing is specified by an architect, general contractor or sub, or owner for […]

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Featured Insights

Principia ‘Stat of the Week’ — February 5

HBS Dealer Online-only retailers, such as BuildDirect and Houzz, are growing in size and influence as channels for building materials. Many builders and contractors already place orders with online-only retailers, but their reasons for doing so are not all about price. The top reasons builders and contractors cited for online ordering include ordering convenience and […]

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Featured Insights

U.S. Residential Roofing Supply and Distribution At A Glance

Principia’s SupplyBuilder® Residential Roofing data product provides industry participants with data and insights related to net manufacturer revenue and share, distribution channels and dealer counts, as well as key takeaways about roofing supply and distribution in the United States. For more information about Principia’s SupplyBuilder® for residential roofing, contact us today.

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Commercial Roofing 2019

Change the way your company views the building materials industry with Principia’s data products. Our innovative, online data product delivers an unequaled, 360° industry view of supply and demand for the commercial roofing market. Principia’s proprietary online platform enables users to log on from any desktop or mobile device to access the data and summaries and instantly customize data views to support decision making, marketing, or sales needs.

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Business Conditions and 2019-2020 Outlook

Underlying growth in residential building materials demand is influenced primarily by the amount of repair and remodeling and new construction activity. In 2018, the 13 product categories covered within Principia’s BuilderSeries® accounted for $97.6 billion in net manufacturer revenue with repair and remodeling accounting for two-thirds of the value and one-third in new construction.

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