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Featured Insights

Top Three Factors for Builders and Contractors Selecting Weather Resistant Barriers for Walls

Principia recently surveyed builders and contractors about the most important factors when selecting weather resistant barriers for wall applications. Product warranties are the most highly regarded factor by builders and contractors. An attractive warranty can provide a measure of differentiation and value-add among product types offered. Builders and contractors also place a strong emphasis on […]

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Featured Insights

Residential and Commercial Weather Resistant Barriers Market Demand 2021-2025

Weather resistant barriers demand in the United States reached 18,593 million square feet in 2021. Principia’s Weather Resistant Barriers 2021 provides insights and data about current demand, supply, and forecasted growth.  This product includes: Current and forecast demand Current demand (2020 base year) Forecast year-over-year demand through 2025 Industry drivers and trends Future outlook Supplier […]

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Featured Insights

Challenges Facing Roofing Contractors in 2021

Principia asked roofing contractors in a recent survey, “What challenges or issues in the residential roofing industry are you encountering this year?” The top three challenges reported by roofing contractors are labor recruitment and training, product issues, and pricing. Labor was mentioned with nearly 20% of all responses citing as a major challenge, specifically finding […]

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Featured Insights

Top Challenges Facing Roofing Contractors in 2021: Labor

Labor challenges represent 18% of contractor comments from Principia’s recent roofing contractor survey. Labor-related issues include training workers, finding skilled labor, and improving efficiency. Principia’s 2021 survey findings contrast previous research conducted with roofing contractors where labor issues represented 6% of contractor comments in 2016 and only 2% of contractor comments in 2017. Recent labor […]

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Featured Insights

Top Challenges Facing Roofing Contractors in 2021: Product

Product-related challenges represent 18% of contractor comments from Principia’s recent roofing contractor survey. These concerns center around well-recognized issues related to performance, product variety, and sustainability. Performance Adhesion and sealing challenges were mentioned multiple times by roofing contractors, as call-backs for poor adhesion is a major pain point. Contactors stressed the need for greater durability, […]

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Weather Resistant Barriers 2021

Integrated building envelope designs are playing a significant role in product choice to manage air and moisture protection while also meeting energy efficiency performance. Building codes have become more stringent placing greater demand on product performance. These changing requirements have led to product innovations which continue to promote the benefits offered by the wide range of weather resistant barriers (WRB) available.

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Residential Construction Business Conditions 2021

Principia’s latest Residential Construction Business Conditions 2021 provides a look at current 2021 macroeconomic indicators compared to previous years, and an outlook for residential construction.

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