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Building Materials Consulting

Principia ensures that market trends, competitive analysis, and customer satisfaction are at the forefront of key business strategies through research-driven data, analytics, and strategic insights—making it the construction industry’s trusted source of truth.

500+industry clients served
28years in business
60%of Fortune 1000 building suppliers served
60+markets monitored

Leverage Market Insights From Our Team of Experts

Principia is the trusted source for executives making key decisions in the building and construction industry. We offer deep expertise and extensive building materials market research that empower professionals to make impactful decisions backed by industry intelligence.

Measure Market Demand with Advanced Analytics

Explore construction market trends and insights using DemandBuilder, our online demand assessment platform. Gain access to comprehensive market views, quarterly data updates, customized reporting, and more. Elevate your strategic planning with this powerful tool for market data analysis and decision support.

Market-Tested Analysis and Insights


Analyze the broader commercial market or break it down by material, building type, distribution channel, supplier, region, and more.


Get a handle on the residential construction market with Principia’s historical analysis and insights on future demand.


Strategically position heavy building materials in the market with data-backed insights.

Data Paired with Decades of Building Materials Consulting Success

Partner with Principia Consulting for expert guidance in market trends, supply chain optimization, and market insights. From competitive analysis to brand positioning, our tailored solutions and data-driven approach drive success in the dynamic construction and building materials industry.