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Emerging Smart Window Technology Homeowners and contractors are taking notice of smart window technology. Key needs of technology Dynamic tinting, remote/automatic operation, and digital hub integration. A benefit of this technology is energy efficiency
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“Smart” Homeowners Are Open to Innovation in the Windows Space

In the home, smart technology spans smart security systems, thermostats and lighting, and even smart refrigerators. There’s no ignoring the coming impact and proliferation of more products that possess “smart” attributes. Take windows for example. Smart-window technology centers around smart glass surface and smart window controls. Smart glass is glass or glazing with light transmission […]

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62% of new single family homes were part of an HOA in 2009. The percentage rose to 78% in 2021, a 26% increase.
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Rise of HOAs Places Limitations on More Homeowners

We’ve no doubt all heard the expression “home is where the heart is.” But what gives homes heart is our ability to transform them from functional structures into dens of expression. And while what goes on inside homes is usually fair game for homeowners, exteriors are oftentimes more closely controlled. Twenty percent of respondents to […]

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Dodge Construction Network Acquires Principia Consulting

Dodge Construction Network Acquires Principia Consulting, Expanding Dodge Advisory Services’ Capabilities Strategic investment expands arsenal of expertise in residential and commercial markets to accelerate growth and profitability Dodge Construction Network (“Dodge” or the “Company”), backed by affiliates of Clearlake Capital Group and Symphony Technology Group, today announced the acquisition of Principia Consulting (“Principia”), a data, […]

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Featured Insights

A Look at Residential Plumbing Fittings and Fixtures Demand

Featuring in-depth data and insights backed by primary research – available in PDF, Excel, and our interactive portal. A surge in new construction starts paid big dividends for residential plumbing fittings and fixtures demand, with more than 14% volume growth from 2020-2021. This robust growth isn’t expected to achieve the same levels over the next […]

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A look at key factors driving residential doors demand through 2024, including growth in the Mountain division states and repair and remodeling
Featured Insights

Detailing Residential Doors Market Demand, Size, and Segmentation

Featuring in-depth data and insights backed by primary research—available in PDF, Excel, and our interactive portal. Record new construction activity led to 5% volume growth volume in doors demand from 2020 to 2021 (from 48.7 million units to 51.3 million exterior, interior, and patio doors). Repair and remodeling (R&R) demand will fuel growth in the […]

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Commercial Insulation 2022

Commercial Insulation 2022 provides a vital benchmark analysis for forecasting and business planning. Using 2021 as a baseline, this data analyzes demand by material, construction type, distribution channel, supplier, and region, and provides a year-over-year forecast through 2024. Commercial Insulation 2022 focuses on the commercial insulation market in North America. Demand data will be available down to the US Census Bureau division level for the United States and segmented by east and west for Canada.

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Residential Business Conditions 2022

New home construction is often the focal point of the outlook for the construction industry. Principia’s historical analysis shows that the growth of each product category is somewhat determined by the balance of new construction and R&R demand. Principia’s latest Residential Business Conditions 2022 provides a look at historical and current macroeconomic indicators and an outlook for residential construction in the United States.

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