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Product Innovation Research & Consulting

Advanced Product Insights & Strategies

Innovation fuels growth — and we can help support innovation and elevate your success. Our primary research paired with deep market access allows us to deliver sophisticated product insights and opportunities.

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Our Product Innovation Capabilities

Market Need

We’ll uncover opportunities or gaps in your market or the broader industry for new products or services.

Product Positioning

Our data collection and analysis methodologies are designed to provide insights for new or existing product positioning.

Price Sensitivity

Test the threshold of product pricing by understanding which product attributes are most important to your target audience.

Customer Segmentation

Drive demand with products and services tailored to specific customer segments based on market need and value received.

Custom Solutions for Complex Challenges

With our unique user analysis and extensive market research, we’ll identify opportunities to put you on the leading edge of product development. 

Opportunities identified in product innovation are driven by primary research and Principia’s access to the market. We focus on lead user analysis and clear definition of market need. Today’s leading user needs are tomorrow’s industry requirement — let us keep you ahead of that curve.

Let’s Talk Innovation

If your product initiatives can benefit from comprehensive insights grounded in data, we’re ready for you. Fill out this short form and one of our experts will be in touch.


Need Market Data Today?

Find the data you’re looking for when you need it most. Our industry experts develop on-demand data products to give you the advantage.