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By Paul Deffenbaugh, Editorial Director
Metal Construction News

This year, Principia Consulting, a Malvern, Pa.-based research and consulting firm focused on the building materials and construction industry, will roll out a report on the metal roofing industry. It’s a market that doesn’t often get this kind of attention, and during discussions at METALCON a couple of weeks ago, I learned that many people in the industry are anticipating this report with high expectations.

The shortage of information in the metal roofing industry—and the metal construction industry as a whole—hampers its ability to anticipate trends and identify growth opportunities. Many hope this report will start to address some of that shortage.

There are some surprises in the report, and Casey Olson, Industry analyst at Principia Consulting, recently penned a blog identifying three things about the industry that may surprise you. They are

  1. Jobsite rollforming is expected to continue as a significant factor in the metal roofing
  2. Suppliers have the capacity and raw materials to keep up with demand, but there isn’t enough installation capacity
  3. Metal roofing has caught the interest of the large asphalt manufacturers and commercial building materials manufacturers

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