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Current market dynamics have both commercial roofing manufacturers and distributors askingood questions that need solid answers. Principia’s latest research on the North American commercial roofing market explores these issues and provides insights on the likely impact facing industry participants.  

Principia’s Commercial Roofing 2019 data product features interactive dashboards, and will help your company better understand demand, growth, supply, and the Voice of Customer perspectives from industry participants. Commercial Roofing 2019 covers a wide range of other topics, such as: 

  • Usage by building type 
  • Impact of changing building codes 
  • Contractor loyalty program and maintenance program participation  
  • Material and brand decision rationales 
  • Online buying 
  • Brand awareness and satisfaction 

The data product is available for purchase and will be released end of Q1 2019. Download the Commercial Roofing 2019 brochure to learn more about the features and benefits offered. Or contact us directly for more information.