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By: Vincent Salandro

Builder & ProSales

Upgrades to existing product lines, rather than the introduction of new products and materials, are shaping the growth trajectory of the residential roofing industry. Manufacturers are emphasizing products with high wind and impact resistance and high durability, cool roof product options, and products that comply with ever-tougher energy-efficiency requirements.

Consumers shopping for products suitable for “forever homes” will likely continue to favor impact-resistant and SBS-modified asphalt products, metal products, and cool roofing products that offer significant energy savings, according to Alex Pecora, director of roofing product management for CertainTeed.

“As the demands of climate, consumers and regulators evolve, the roofing industry must respond with innovation,” says Jack Gottesman, marketing and sales development manager at IKO Industries. “These changes have driven a shift toward performance products that look as good as they perform, providing homeowners with the protection they need, alongside the design and quality they deserve.”

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