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Leveraging a Business Opportunity Assessment for Next Level Growth

The building materials and construction industry has experienced a frenzy of M&A activity — such as recent announcements from The Home Depot acquiring SRS Distribution, Owens Corning acquiring Masonite, and MITER Brands acquiring PGT.

A thorough business opportunity assessment is essential for identifying and validating the best opportunities to support the next level of growth for your company.

What is a Business Opportunity Assessment?

Our approach provides a formal disciplined framework to evaluate a broad list of potential tuck-ins, adjacencies, or a new platform business. The process assesses each opportunity against market attractiveness and company fit based on your strategic rubric to determine whether the opportunity aligns with your strategic direction.

Why is a Business Opportunity Assessment Important?

Corporate Planning

Supports your growth objectives and the best opportunities for participation.


Frames a broad range of opportunities to validate
and prioritize opportunities
for next level growth.

Risk Management

Identifies market realities
and approaches for market
entry while mitigating

Investment Worthiness

Assesses whether the opportunity is investment grade considering scale, growth, profitability, competitiveness, and fit.

Working With Principia

Principia evaluates business opportunities for growth through a market lens looking at all parts of the value chain to develop a comprehensive set of actions. Each Business Opportunity Assessment deliverable includes the following:

  • High level screening to identify market attractiveness and company fit for expanded participation.
  • Deeper dive assessment for those opportunities that are most attractive and best fit.
  • Business case development for one or more opportunities.

Principia combines extensive market research, data, and analysis to develop the insights necessary to guide your most impactful business decisions toward a successful outcome. Contact us today to learn more about our Business Opportunity Assessment program and how you can leverage our experience to maximize your company’s growth trajectory.