Why Us?

We bring an outside perspective to inside thinking by discovering new market insights and harnessing your resources for profitable growth.

Unsurpassed research to guide your business decisions

Research is the foundation of Principia. We live and breathe market intelligence developed exclusively for the building materials and construction industry.

Why Principia

Industry Expertise

Principia is a leading research and consulting firm with trusted advisers focused exclusively on the building materials and construction industry
Why Principia

Primary Research

Our research approach combines extensive data collection with unsurpassed analytics to guide strong business decisions
Why Principia

Industry Experience and Knowledge

We’re trusted advisers with deep expertise in helping you grow revenue, margin, and share
Why Principia

CEOs Trust Us

CEOs trust Principia for information, analytics and advice essential for critical decision making, rapid growth, and greater profitability

Research Methods

Primary Research

We conduct primary market research through phone and web surveys, focus groups, and in depth telephone interviews with industry participants up and down the supply chain, including architects, designers, builders, contractors, distributors, dealers, suppliers, and property owners, along with other key contacts.

Secondary Research

Our industry analysts leverage secondary research to complement their in-depth knowledge and access to the market in key building product categories to offer insightful conclusions.

Qualitative Analysis

Principia’s market access, whether large-scale surveys or in-depth interviews, enables us to capture the true voice of the customer.

Quantitative Analysis

We accurately quantify the market situation, build a roadmap to reach customers and determine how to manage the risk-reward when making key decisions.

Industry Access

Annually, we conduct tens of thousands of surveys and interviews across the value chain. The information we gather from direct dialogue with key stakeholders provides you with firsthand insight on industry issues and trends.

Chemicals to plastics to metals – deliver increased value to the building materials industry. We access the right people in product development as well as those in sales and marketing to understand their needs and identify how to create value.

Focusing on lead users enables you to get a jump on where the market is headed beyond today's requirements.

Principia brings the full market picture into focus by going deep on trending needs for builders, installers, and property owners. Working down the value chain helps you identify products for specific performance enhancements.


Building materials manufacturers drive value through products and services offered not only to point of sale customers (typically in distribution), but also to specifiers, influencers, installers, and end users.

Principia provides you with access to each part of the value chain while addressing specific audience needs and focusing on how to grow revenue, margin, and share.


Principia helps distributors optimize line cards, tailor service models, and understand customer needs to drive share growth and optimize margin.

Annually, we connect with thousands of builders, contractors, and DIY homeowners to ensure you’re the category’s brand of choice. Our deep access provides a comprehensive view of what distributors want from supplier partners and how you’re measuring up.

Knowing which distributors are strongest in each category is also crucial for building product manufacturers to ensure optimal channel placement within the market.

Principia helps you understand which product and service features will drive market share benefiting both manufacturers and distributors.


Architects and builders are often the key specifiers of building materials. Principia helps clients understand and break down the decision making and specification process. By ensuring that current and future products meet customer expectations, you’ll promote the right combination of products and services.

Principia helps you determine how products stack up against must-have performance versus nice-to-have features needed by architects and builders.


Contractors are key influencers for manufacturer and distributor sales success. As a primary link to the property owner, contractors often recommend specific building material brands.

We interact with thousands of installers and contractors to help you understand why they use specific products, where they purchase, and what product and service improvements will swing their usage towards a particular brand. This down channel knowledge is useful for aligning commercial and technical resources with market needs.


Property owners play a strong role in product and supplier selection and are pivotal in determining your growth trajectory.

Every year, we gather voice of customer information through thousands of interviews with homeowners and commercial property owners in each building material category. This market-based knowledge is invaluable to understand the perspectives of the ultimate user on competitive products and services.

Principia delivers extra value by synthesizing property owner attitudes and usage while translating them into recommended actions.


Advisers Draw on Research and Data

Our market access enables us to capture the true voice of the customer. Through large scale surveys and in-depth interviews, we can accurately quantify market opportunities, build a path to the customer and determine how to manage the risk-reward of any decision facing you.

Research Products

Our research combines extensive data collection and unsurpassed analytics to guide strong business decisions.

  • Interactive data tools enable you to identify and evaluate the building materials industry through whatever lens and at any level of detail.
  • We have a proprietary advanced research process, direct line to industry participants, deep knowledge and experience, and a competitive advantage when it comes to aggregating and interpreting data.
Consulting Services

We’re trusted advisers with deep expertise in helping you grow revenue, margin and share.

  • We are directly connected with all parts of the building materials value chain to develop customer-driven actionable insights.
  • We provide a 360 degree strategic view of your business - from a product, market, channel and customer perspective - and what it takes to outperform the market.

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