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Follow, understand, and utilize fencing market trends to your advantage. DemandBuilder® Fencing offers access to view and analyze current market size and product share, along with a three-year outlook to support targeted sales and marketing planning.

Grow with DemandBuilder®

Segment Product Demand

Evaluate current market demand and projections for growth.

Identify Revenue Opportunities

Leverage growth drivers and work with your customers to grow market share in product, market, and/or geography.

Align Sales Resources

Ensure your territory opportunities are synced with sales resources to ensure effective market coverage.

Included in Your Subscription

DemandBuilder® subscriptions are updated every quarter with the latest insights, so you’ll have access to fresh data throughout the year.

Custom Territories and Geographies

Access a robust database that aligns precisely with your target territories.

Macroeconomic Dashboards

Understand current economic trends and forecasts and their impacts on your market.

Biannual Summary Briefs

Get the bird’s eye view of the the market on a twice-yearly basis.

How it all Breaks Down

Interactive demand data is divided by segments and materials covered.

  • Material
    metal, vinyl, wood (pressure treated, cedar/ redwood, hardwood), other
  • Application
    privacy and semi-privacy, post and rail, picket and ornamental, other
  • Market
    new construction, repair and remodel
  • Unit type
    single family and multifamily
  • Distribution
    Specialty fence distributor, direct to dealer/ installer, big box, lumberyard
  • Geography
    national, regional, divisional, and state level
  • Metal
  • Vinyl
  • Wood
    pressure treated, cedar/ redwood, hardwood
  • Other

Data Visualizations and Customizations Come Standard

  • Sales regions and territories mapped overlay in DemandBuilder
  • Custom views created to support your company’s needs
  • External demand data integrated with internal operating data to create client-specific views

Partnership, Engagement, and Support

Principia is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals and initiatives using DemandBuilder® through ongoing support. Support services help subscribers get maximum value and impact while minimizing their internal staff time.

Dedicated Support

  • Onboarding and training provided upfront and ongoing
  • Check-ins throughout partnership to discuss needs/ successes
  • Follow-up training after onboarding
  • Quarterly maintenance discussions
  • Access to analysts for support and training

Regular Communication

  • Content/ analysis: updates from analyst team throughout the year
  • Blog: receive industry related news, information, data, and trends

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