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SupplyBuilder® Residential Doors

Supply Chain Data for Residential Doors

United States dealers sold $23.8 billion of residential door products in 2021; the channel gross margin for residential doors in 2021 was 64% of channel revenue, including a significant contribution from door pre-hanging and pre-finishing value-add services. SupplyBuilder can provide you the market location and supply data you need to ensure your staying one step ahead.

Unparalleled Insight Into Supply and Distribution

Visualize Product Flow

See product flow through the distribution channel of specific categories that are of interest to your company.

Map Supplier Coverage

Map out suppliers across the entire
distribution industry in North America.

Evaluate Shares

Assess shares by distribution channel and

Subscription Features

SupplyBuilder® subscriptions are updated every quarter with the latest insights, so you’ll have access to the latest supplier share analysis.

Custom Territories

Access a robust database containing nearly 40,000 distribution points.

Macroeconomic Dashboards

Understand current economic trends and forecasts and their impacts on the market.

Annual Summary Brief

Gain insight into product trends, supplier activities, and evolving channel dynamics.

How It All Breaks Down

SupplyBuilder® is available in a variety of building and construction industry product categories.

  • Big box
  • Lumberyard
  • Masonry yard
  • Millwork
  • Specialty one-step dealer
  • Specialty retailer
  • Two-step distributor
  • Other retailer
  • Entryway
    Fiberglass, steel, wood
  • Interior
    MDF flush, MDF molded, wood flush, wood stile and rail
  • Patio (hinged, sliding, moveable)
    Aluminum, aluminum-clad wood, composite/fiberglass, vinyl, vinyl-clad wood

Data Visualizations and Customizations Come Standard

  • Sales regions and territories mapped overlay in SupplyBuilder®
  • Custom views created to depict company-specific insights
  • External demand data integrated with internal operating data to create client-specific views

Your Success Is Our Success

Principia is dedicated to partnering with clients to ensure your team gets maximum value and impact using SupplyBuilder.

What to Expect

  • Formal team onboarding and ongoing training
  • Portal support by a customer success manager
  • Training for new team members
  • Access to industry analysts / subject matter experts
  • Check-in throughout partnership to discuss needs and successes
  • Portal and industry specific communications via email and blogs

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