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Homeowner Customer Journey

Customer Journey Analysis for Roofing Supplies

The customer roofing journey helps you better align your brand with the right homeowner. By examining multiple stages throughout the journey, we’re able to pinpoint what impacts final decisions and what actions you can take to connect with customers.

The Information You Need for Success

Understand the Customer

Get a better understanding of how to manage homeowner emotions, decision making, and expectations from the purchase process to post sale.

Access Robust Data & Analytics

Gain access to an assessment of your current sales and marketing strategies and their effectiveness.

Informed Decision Making

Get the guidance you need to better help homeowners make the right purchase decisions.

Stages of the Purchase Process

Get a better understanding of how homeowners experience a brand or company, and use the data to inform your own decision making


How homeowners educate themselves and become familiar with brands and countertop products.


What does initial contact look like? Is it via web, phone, in-person? And what information are they searching for at first?


The homeowner’s trust in the brand is nurtured. Now we see how the homeowner engages with the brand, contractor, or dealer.


This step provides information on what variables influence the homeowner in their purchase decision.


Understand how brand advocacy is fostered. How did installation go? Was there follow up?

What’s Included in a Subscription

  • High-level overview of Principia’s findings for the overall journey
  • Detailed findings breaking down each stage in the homeowner journey
  • Visual map of the optimal homeowner journey detailing the importance level at each individual touch point
  • Strategic recommendations and overview of best practices
  • Methodology overview
  • Data set provided in Excel Format

Program Elements

We use a large sample of purchasers for each category to determine what the optimal journey is for the largest cross section of homeowners.

  • Correlation of touch points to eventual purchase
  • Correlation of touch points to confidence in purchase factors
  • Correlation of touch points with homeowner’s emotional state
  • Incidence of change in brand decision during each stage
  • Homeowners’ level of confidence on multiple variables at each stage
  • Emotional state
  • Identifying the stage where the homeowner’s mind was changed based on purchase factors

Your Success Is Our Success

Principia is dedicated to partnering with clients to ensure your team gets maximum value and impact.

What to Expect

  • Access to industry analysts / subject matter experts
  • Check-in throughout partnership to discuss needs and successes
  • Industry specific communications via email and blogs
  • Portal support by a customer success manager

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