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Industry Report:

Commercial Insulation

The analysis you need for forecasting and business planning in the Commercial Insulation market. Gain access to our thorough data on market demand broken down by material, construction type, distribution, supplier, region, and forecast.

Utilize Industry Data to Understand Your Market

Know Customer Expectations

Gain perspective on customer preferences and implement changes to your brand and products to meet those expectations.

Follow Market Trends & Evolutions

As building codes, requirements, and expectations evolve, we provide the data you need to stay informed and maintain relevance in your market.

Forecast Which Products & Suppliers Align With Trends

Stay years ahead with product and supplier forecasts that signal where your company needs to make changes.

Included in Your Report

Providing insight into evolving demand within a three-year span and historical demand to make educated future predictions.

Year-Over-Year Forecast

Forecast insulation demand through 2024 based on insights shared by market participants.

Projected Demand

Understand changes in demand based on project and region so you can better prepare your brand offerings.

Historical Demand

Look back on historical demand through 2016 to make informed predictions and forecast evolutions in demand.

Supply & Distribution Overview

Assess commercial insulation manufacturers, revenues and market share for products offered, and their distribution strategies employed.

How It All Breaks Down

Industry Reports are divided by segments and products covered.

  • Wall
    Continuous insulation, cavity insulation
  • Roof
    Above deck, ceiling, attic
  • Slab/foundation
  • Floor assembly
    Mass, joist/framing
  • Foams
  • Fiberglass
  • Loose fill
  • Stone wool
  • Cellulose

Partnership, Engagement, and Support

Principia is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals and initiatives using DemandBuilder® through ongoing support. Support services help subscribers get maximum value and impact while minimizing their internal staff time.

Dedicated Support

  • Onboarding and training provided upfront and ongoing
  • Check-ins throughout partnership to discuss needs/ successes
  • Follow-up training after onboarding
  • Quarterly maintenance discussions
  • Access to analysts for support and training

Regular Communication

  • Content/ analysis: updates from analyst team throughout the year
  • Blog: receive industry related news, information, data, and trends

How to Get Started

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Dig Deeper With Research & Consulting

Work directly with Principia’s experts to access powerful data and reporting or get bespoke solutions based on the scope of your needs. It’s simple: Share your goals with our team, get the research and guidance needed to reach them.