Waterproofing in Commercial Construction 2017

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The Waterproofing in Commercial Construction 2017 Industry Report focuses on commercial waterproofing in North America, including the United States and Canada. This brochure provides a high-level overview of the sections covered within the report which delivers:

  • Executive Summary – Summary of current market size, trends and developments, keys for future success and outlook
  • Products Overview – A review of commercial waterproofing products, along with recent product advances and developments
  • Market Review – A thorough analysis of demand in North America will provide the baseline. A three-year projection will provide insights into how demand is most likely to shift by product, market, channel and region
  • Business Assessment – A realistic business assessment to help target market opportunities
  • Voice of the Customer – research from 500 interviews and surveys conducted among architects, consultants, contractors, distributors and dealers and property owners provides fresh industry perspectives that assess issues driving material and supplier market shares
  • Market model and forecast tool – interactive market model tool enabling subscribers to evaluate the market through whatever lens they choose
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