COVID-19 Coverage

Access Principia's ongoing COVID-19 coverage to track and calibrate the impact of the coronavirus on the residential building products and construction industry.

COVID-19 Impact on Building Products & Residential Construction Industry

Principia Consulting is dedicated to covering the impact of COVID-19 and supporting the building and construction industry during this difficult time.

We have initiated COVID-19 coverage to track and calibrate the impact of the coronavirus on the residential building construction industry and selected building product categories. This coverage is combined with our macroeconomic data to provide an integrated view of market dynamics impacted by COVID-19.

COVID-19 and Macroeconomic Data is available through a monthly subscription of $2,500. This subscription provides immediate access to semi-weekly updated data to provide you with the latest developments.  View our recent webinars to see how this data product can be used.


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COVID-19 Data, Insights and Services Included in Subscription:

Semi-weekly updated data provided through interactive dashboards gives you a consistent and constant view of the following four analyses on the impact of COVID-19.


Impact on Residential Building Product Demand

  • Impact on demand by product category and construction type at a state level
  • Break out of single family and multifamily
  • Break out for new construction versus repair and remodel
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Scenario Analysis on Impact of COVID-19 Over Time

Scenario assessment that allows for a wide range of possible impacts depending on the length of time that various restrictions are in place and the magnitudes of reduction in activity. This analysis enables calibration of the impact on total industry revenue loss in each geography.

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Impact on U.S. Residential Construction Activity

  • Impact on residential construction activity by geographic location
  • Break out of single family and multifamily
  • Customizable by your sales territories
  • Analysis provided by square feet and value

Regulation Rollout Evolution Tracking

Understand the progression of the restrictions on construction activity over time to better understand how best to shift resources and inventory.

Additional Macroeconomic Dashboards Included:

Frequently updated macroeconomic factors tracked and analyzed by Principia to provide additional viewpoints of the U.S. economy and the factors influencing construction activity and building product demand.

Housing Permit Analysis

  • Monthly housing permit trends analysis
  • Year-over-year tracking - by month, location down to the CBSA level and single family versus multifamily
  • State annual growth
  • State annual and monthly growth

Annual Housing Data Analysis

  • Annual new construction home size trends by demographic dimensions including home environment, homeowner age, and household income
  • CBSA growth rates by square foot ranking and demographic dimensions
  • Non-residential year-over-year put in place spending by type
  • Year-over-year home improvement and repair spending by location and type

Additional Analyses Available

  • Gross domestic product tracking
  • Employment cost index by industry
  • Monthly unemployment rates by industry
  • State annual and monthly growth

Markets Served

Principia’s COVID-19 coverage includes product demand details for the following market segments:

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