LBM Dealer Locator

A searchable and filterable database of distributors and dealers in the lumber and building materials industry

Manage Existing Customers and Identify Prospects

Building materials manufacturers want greater visibility into how to grow with current and prospective distributor and dealer customers.

The LBM Dealer Locator is a comprehensive database of nearly 50,000 distribution points, allowing you to identify or find the information you need to inform your sales or distribution strategy. The tool is filterable and searchable searchable by location and product categories carried at each location serving the lumber and building materials (LBM) industry. Distribution points include the following channel types: lumberyards, one-step distributors, two-step distributors, specialty retailers, and big box stores.


A comprehensive database of distribution points in the LBM industry that allows you to improve your customer coverage, integrate standardized/ updated information into your existing systems, and gain customer insights that inform your sales and marketing initiatives including:

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Evaluate current distribution footprint

  • Identify network gaps
  • Identify potential distribution partners in target geographies
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Measure performance against competitors

  • Gauge competitive customer overlap
  • Benchmark distribution position against competitors
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Determine industry-wide supplier coverage

  • Optimize/ prioritize salesforce deployment
  • Generate leads via prospect identification

How It Works

The LBM Dealer Locator includes a range of features to update your current sales contact information for improved customer relationship management with current customers and prospects.

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  • Standardized locations for all current and potential customers classified by channel type
  • Location details including company name, parent company, street address, city, state, county, zip code, and phone number
  • Customizable radius map with drilldown on product categories carried at each location
  • Filterable U.S. map of all dealer distributor locations by channel type
Summary Brief

Delivery Format

  • Online: Experience enhanced data visualizations, mapping and search capabilities from the convenience of your Internet-enabled device
  • Offline: Take the data with you to go offline in the database format you need (Excel or CSV format)

Markets Served

Principia serves a wide range of product categories within the building materials and construction industry. LBM Dealer Locator is currently available in the following product categories:

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