LBM DistributionBuilder

Customize how you view and analyze market size and share for major U.S. residential building product categories.

Evaluate Market Share and Identify Growth Opportunities

LBM DistributionBuilder enables users to evaluate served market share and identify new opportunities for growth. Users can customize views and analyze demand for residential building materials in local markets and manage market share for each location, region, or operating company.

Example Use Cases

With LBM DistributionBuilder, users are able to:

Build internal targets Icon

Evaluate addressable market within radius

  • Assess total company footprint and market share
  • Assess location and operating company market share
Identify revenue opportunities Icon

Identify revenue opportunities to pursue by product, market and geography

  • Define products to support based on market presence
  • Work with your team to grow market share for target opportunities
Segment product demand Icon

Forecast demand in each area and territory

  • Establish which products to emphasize in each market
  • Identify best regions for growth
Align sales resources Icon

Align sales resources with territory opportunities

  • Set benchmarks for your business using comparative market data
  • Ensure proper coverage to serve projected demand

How It Works

LBM DistributionBuilder is designed around your location footprint to help you grow your business.

Segment product demand Icon


  • Addressable channel revenue by location within a set radius from 25-200 miles
  • Channel revenue by building product category (15 categories included)
  • Territory management through rollup of individual locations to a national, regional, operating company
  • Competitive dealers and distributors within each geographic breakdown
  • Addressable channel revenue and dealer/distributor locations outside of company footprint
  • Online, interactive dashboards with data visualizations, mapping, and search capabilities
  • Accessible through computer or Internet-enabled devices
Summary Brief


  • Determine current market share for each location, region, or operating company
  • Calibrate market size within a set radius from each location with several distance options
  • Identify new opportunities for growth by geography, product, or forecast demand
  • Establish the true addressable market opportunity within your geographic reach
  • Define competitive distributors and dealers within your regions
  • Target potential new distributor partnerships
  • Compile lists of potential acquisition targets for continued growth

Markets Served

Principia serves a wide range of product categories within the building materials and construction industry. LBM DistributionBuilder is currently available in the following product categories:

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