Market Data on Demand

Get customized data quickly for residential and commercial building product categories.

Data You Need, When You Need It

No business has the same data needs. You deserve to receive it fast when you need it. Working on a broad range of initiatives requires different levels of market data to support any decision at hand.

Principia’s Market Data on Demand product gives you the ability to obtain customized data quickly from selected residential and commercial building product categories. The data is provided in Excel format to your specs and delivered within two business days.


Data in Four Simple Steps

Market Data on Demand provides you the ability to get the data you need, when you need it.

1. Request Data

Tell us the product and segmentation you would like.

2. Receive a Quote

Principia will send a quote based on the MDOD data segmentation requested.

3. Data Compiled

Once the order is processed, Principia compiles the requested data into a spreadsheet.

4. Data Delivered

Principia sends an email with the spreadsheet within two business days of receiving the MDOD order.

Tell Us What You Need

Determine which elements of data you need, and we'll deliver a custom spreadsheet. Data at a product category level is available by:


Current and forecast unit volume demand


Revenue at manufacturer or channel level


Product segmented by material type


Construction type for new vs. repair and remodel


End-use application (where relevant)


Custom geocoded for your specific regions or territories


Market share by revenue, channel, product, and region

Market Segments

Principia serves a wide range of products within the building materials and construction industry. Market Data on Demand is available for a selection of product categories:

Case Study

Defining Market Share Opportunities Using Specific Supply-Demand Data

A leading pro dealer sought to understand its competitive position in a specific state. The dealer was acquiring other locations in state and concern existed among several of its locations that they were competing with themselves.

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Actionable Data

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Principia’s Market Data on Demand product gives industry participants the ability to obtain customized data quickly from selected residential building product categories. Data is sent within 48 hours of the request.

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