Product Supply Snapshot

Summary view of supplier share and product distribution

Guide Your Assessment of Market Supply

Now more than ever, accurate data and supporting analytics are needed to understand product supply, manufacturer sales, and market share.

Product Supply Snapshot provides a view of the competitive landscape in both shipments and dollar sales, while mapping product flow through the distribution channel.


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Each Snapshot provides companies with a current view of market share for a single building product category. Key features include:

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Evaluate top supplier share

Compare your competitive position for leading product manufacturers

Determine primary channels to market

Evaluate channel differences among suppliers

Identify location counts for key suppliers

Access key suppliers at dealer and distributor locations

Assess supplier share shifts

Gauge year-over-year supplier share shifts

What's Included

Each Snapshot is delivered in a PDF format.

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Product Category Coverage

  • Supplier Net Manufacturer Revenue and Share
  • Supplier Share Shifts
  • Supplier M&A Activity
  • Distribution Channel Flow
  • Differences by Material
  • Distribution Location Count by Channel
  • Key Suppliers at Select Dealers
Summary Brief

List of Figures

  • Top Suppliers, 2019
  • Top Suppliers Rank by Product Group, 2019
  • Top Supplier Share Shifts, 2018 and 2019
  • Product Distribution Flow, 2019
  • Channel Differences by Material, 2019
  • Supplier Net Manufacturer Revenue by Channel, 2019
  • Dealer Location Counts by Channel, 2020
  • Key Suppliers at Distribution Locations, 2020

Product Categories

Principia's Product Supply Snapshots are offered in the following residential product categories:

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