Social Listening

Monitor online conversations to learn what homeowners, installers, and dealers are saying about your brand and products.

What is Social Listening?

Monitoring social media channels for customer feedback offers an unfiltered view of how your brand is perceived by key stakeholders interacting with your products.

Market-level insights are captured through direct mentions of your brand and those of your competitors from online discussions. Think of it like tapping into thousands of different conversations all at once, listening to real thoughts and opinions of participants across each category’s value chain.

Social Listening is available for the following categories:

Additional categories coming soon. Contact us for more information.

Key Benefits of Social Listening Subscription

The value of social listening data comes from the source, that is, unprompted thoughts and opinions from real customers interacting with your brand. A social listening program can inform your organization's initiatives including:

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Brand Health

  • What positive or negative sentiments exist?
  • What issues and pain points are in the customer journey?
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Category Understanding

  • What drives purchase decisions?
  • What do customers find most interesting in your products?
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Brand Tracking

  • How is my brand resonating versus other brands?
  • How is my company's social media strategy performing compared to my competition?
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Product Launch Performance

  • What are installers and homeowners looking for?
  • How can I generate new leads for sales and marketing?

How It Works: Understand Your Audience

Social Listening provides a summary of product and brand data mined through social media. The report consists of two modules: Understand Your Audience and Measure Your Effectiveness.

Module 1: Understand Your Audience

Product suppliers will understand who is listening to their social signal, helping to identify actionable trends and content.

  • Understand which platforms are most popular with sharing their experiences
  • Examine the number of followers gathered by posts across social media platforms
  • Learn who posts most often about a brand
  • Monitor social buzz surrounding the market over time
  • Track social sentiment of their product category
  • Discover trending topics

Module 2: Measure Your Effectiveness

Our experts identify key messaging and critical issues for the category and the subscriber’s brand, providing performance indicators on three fundamental areas of a successful social media strategy:

  • Competitive brand performance across channels
  • Share of voice by brand
  • Branded sentiment across platforms
  • Brand health tracking

Markets Served

Social Listening is currently available in the market segments below.
Click on the link to download more information about each segment's program details.

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