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Product Categories

GrowthBuilder® covers a wide range of building products and is available for any of the following categories:

Cabinets • Countertops • Decking • Doors • Exterior Trim • Flooring • HVAC • Insulation • Lumber • Plumbing Fixtures • Railing • Roofing • Siding • Weather Resistant Barriers • Windows

GrowthBuilder® Benefits

GrowthBuilder® provides a three-year outlook for each product category and updated
annually to support targeted sales and marketing planning. Several strategic and tactical uses
below show how GrowthBuilder® can support business and customer facing initiatives:

  • Adjust resource allocation
  • Leverage product usage & preference trends
  • Assess market growth patterns
  • Identify product & technology opportunities
  • Align internal projections with independent market view
  • Understand impact of industry drivers

Principia BuilderSeriesSM

The Principia BuilderSeriesSM is a suite of three, innovative, online data tools that deliver an unequalled,
360-degree view of supply and demand in all major building product categories.

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