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Identify best growth opportunities by product, market and geography

Macro and micro growth drivers in each served market

Align internal projections with independent market view

Product usage and preference trends supported through Voice of the Customer

Ensure proper coverage to serve projected demand

Allocate sales resources with targeted market coverage

Product Categories

GrowthBuilder® covers a wide range of building products and is available for any of the following categories:


GrowthBuilder® allows your business to have access to impactful data, based on key segmentation variables in DemandBuilder®.

A year-over-year forecast for the next three-year period in units and dollars at the manufacturer and dealer level.

  • Product: Material type
  • Construction type: New construction, repair and remodel
  • Geography: Zip code level or your company-specific regions/territories

Key growth drivers and forecast assumptions such as:

  • Macro housing trends  •  Demographic trends  •  Product level insights from voice of the customer insights

Printable View

A printable version of our GrowthBuilder® capabilities is available for download.


Consulting Services

Are you aimed at the best market opportunities? GrowthBuilder®, paired with our consulting services, will provide you with all the resources needed to make informed decisions and set actionable steps toward success.

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Market Data on Demand

Have a specific data need? Our Market Data on Demand service offers access to data in many building product categories you need for your internal analysis whenever you need it.

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