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Segment product demand to better understand your served markets

Accurately measure your current share and revenue potentials

Identify opportunities to pursue in your sales territories

Work with your customers to grow market share together

Align company sales resources with territory opportunities

Set benchmarks for your business using comparative market data

Product Categories

DemandBuilder® covers a wide range of building products and is available for any of the following categories:


As the core offering within our BuilderSeries℠ data products, DemandBuilder® allows your team to better understand the market opportunity. With DemandBuilder®, you will be able to further segment your demand analysis by:

Product - segmented by material type
Construction type - new construction, repair and remodel
Unit type - single family vs. multifamily
Geography - custom geocoding for sales region or trading territory
Demographics - correlate the data with over 50 demographics

Printable View

A printable version of our DemandBuilder® capabilities is available for download.


Consulting Services

Are your sales growing slower than the market? DemandBuilder®, paired with our consulting services, will provide you with all the resources needed to make informed decisions and set actionable steps toward success.

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Market Data on Demand

Have a specific data need? Our Market Data on Demand service offers access to data in many building product categories you need for your internal analysis whenever you need it.

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