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Product Categories

DemandBuilder® covers a wide range of building products and is available for any of the following categories:

Cabinets • Countertops • Decking • Doors • Exterior Trim • Flooring • HVAC • Insulation • Lumber • Plumbing Fixtures • Railing • Roofing • Siding • Weather Resistant Barriers • Windows

DemandBuilder® Benefits

demand-builder-mapDemandBuilder® quantifies product demand and can identify specific market growth
opportunities for your business. It’s a market planning tool. It can be used to help
allocate resources. A number of strategic and tactical uses outlined below depict how
DemandBuilderSM can support your business and customer facing initiatives:

Business Facing Initiatives:

  1. Understand Your Served Market.  Product level observations, strategy discussions and major initiative decisions become more clear and justified based on accurate data.
  2. Set Goals. Goalsetting for business, branch locations and sales representatives considering current penetration and share potential.
  3. Challenge Status Quo. Possible changes in territory assignments can be considered to allocate resources based on share vs. traditional territory footprints.
  4. Measure Performance. Consistent components of performance measurement for business, branch and sales teams.
  5. Drive Strategic Direction. Purposeful discussions on targeting, resourcing and executing plans can be held to ensure teams are focused on pockets of demand.
  6. Strengthen Relationships. Discussions with customers and suppliers regarding opportunities, investments and performance are strengthened through the accurate data.

Customer Facing Initiatives:

  1. Pursue Addressable Market. Work with your customers and prospects to realize actual size of addressable market. Target more share than currently captured through accurate data.
  2. Improve Results. Set enhanced goals based on specific product level share data.
  3. Drive Accountability. Hold customers and partners accountable for share gains as well as topline sales growth.
  4. Examine Territory Coverage. Overlay sales coverage with a map of hot spots to show gaps and opportunities in coverage or support.
  5. Reveal Prospects. Map company-identified ideal customer profiles against similar demographics for geographies not currently being served.
  6. Identify Scaling Opportunities. Evaluate market coverage against competitors to identify demand pockets vs. saturated markets.

Principia BuilderSeriesSM

The Principia BuilderSeriesSM is a suite of three, innovative, online data tools that deliver an unequalled,
360-degree view of supply and demand in all major building product categories.

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