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Product Focus and Education are Key to Continued Growth According to Principia Report

Construction flashing and tapes have transitioned from being optional building materials to required functional products that improve the tightness of the building envelope. The $2.1 billion market is experiencing a shift in preferred product types, expansion through increased market penetration, and new opportunities for sustainable market growth. An average growth rate of 6% through 2017 is forecast for construction flashing and tapes, according to recent research from Principia Consulting. Roofs drive the potential for increased market growth, whether in new or replacement construction; however, all applications are projected to increase through 2017 (figure available).

While the overall market outlook is positive, there is a declining market share story for products considered incompatible with certain substrates or not useable across broad temperature ranges.

The next generation of product innovation will focus on hybrid flexible products that provide superior adhesion, greater stretchability, and conformability as well as improved UV stability.

In Principia’s survey of builders and contractors, one of the biggest challenges they faced was getting accurate information on product technology and performance. All participants in the value chain would benefit from increased education about codes, installation techniques, and product performance criteria.

Now Available Principia’s Comprehensive Industry Report Examining the Construction Flashing and Tapes Market

Principia’s Construction Flashing and Tapes 2015 report provides detailed insight and market analysis, which is a key tool for every industry participant’s business planning efforts. Using 2014 as its launch point, the report combines primary research with voice of the customer insights from surveys conducted among more than 340 value chain participants. Subscribers will get access to critical information including:

  • Growth opportunities through 2017
  • Purchase process and influencers
  • Demand and material trends for product and application
  • Market penetration rates and growth drivers
  • Channels of distribution
  • Analysis of top suppliers and detailed voice of the customer feedback

Principia’s in-depth look into product category provides subscribers with the ability to develop “what if” scenarios and
adjust strategies for increased market advantage. In addition to the full industry report, subscribers also have access to Principia’s proprietary market model and forecast tool. This powerful web-based tool is designed around best practices of data visualization and usability. The online platform enables users to log in from any desktop or mobile device to access all of the data from the report, with the added ability to instantly customize the data views and integrate with their own information.

To purchase the report or learn more about the scope and content covered, please contact Brooke Cowell, VP Marketing at