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Liquid applied roofing is a fast-growing segment of the $5.1 billion commercial roofing industry in North America. While this segment represents only 15% of the total market today, these roof coatings are primarily used in the reroof portion (including maintenance and restoration) of the market which represents over 70% of overall demand for all commercial roofing.

A number of market trends support greater use of liquid applied roofing. Property owners desire low impact reroofing systems to avoid higher replacement costs and major disruptions resulting from a roof tear-off. In many applications, roof coatings can be applied for 70% less than the cost of roof replacement. Liquid applied roofing can provide up to 25 years of protection for an existing roof that needs a major repair or roof replacement while also providing other benefits such as waterproofing and sustainability through energy efficiency. These roofing systems can also contribute positively to ASTM sustainability standards as well as other initiatives such as LEED and Energy Star.

“Growth in the high-performance coatings market is steadfast and has been fueled by the rising acceptance and increased awareness among contractors and building maintenance managers. This positive reception is considered not just as a maintenance solution for an existing roof but also as a preventive waterproofing solution. The growth in this segment is significant to the commercial roofing market and warrants further investigation”, according to Ken Jacobson, a Partner at Principia Consulting.

Principia is launching Liquid Applied Roofing 2016 which provides a vital baseline analysis for forecasting and business planning for current and new industry participants. Using 2015 as its launch point, the report analyzes demand drivers and trends by material, construction type, distribution channel, supplier and region, providing forecasts through 2018.

It also analyzes trends in current products, new product developments and technologies, and competitive materials, helping companies anticipate customer needs, plus insights into:

  • Up-to-date market size and forecast
  • Voice of Customer feedback on usage and preference trends
  • Channel dynamics and trends impacting demand
  • Market share review for leading producers
  • Strategic insights into the growth segments of commercial roofing

Subscribers also have access to Principia’s proprietary market model and forecast tool. This powerful web-based tool is designed around best practices of data visualization and usability. The online platform enables users to log in from any desktop or mobile device to access all of the data from the report, with the added ability to instantly customize the data views and integrate with their own information.

Liquid Applied Roofing 2016 launches in the second quarter of 2016 and is scheduled for completion in the third quarter of 2016.