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In the building products industry, data has become increasingly more important when looking for new business and growing your company’s sales. Accurate and reliable data can help identify market opportunities whether it’s in new construction vs. remodel/ repair, single family vs. multifamily, a region of the country, or with specific customers.  Developing a plan from the data can drive sales targeting and resourcing, and enable you to grow your market share faster than your competition.

Principia BuilderSeries® takes a holistic approach to build its 360° view of the market and balance supply with demand, which is validated with robust voice of customer research.  Our data products look at the building materials industry at a level of segmentation and detail to identify where specific market opportunities exist for each residential building products within a product category. The foundation of each data product is built from public and private data sources.

Our perspective on industry supply and demand provides a complete picture of each residential building product category to inform your company for better decision-making. The result is the most accurate market intelligence on building products used in residential construction in the United States. Principia BuilderSeries® data products point to where’s the market today, who’s serving it most effectively and what’s the expected growth with a high level of granularity.

Uses and Benefits of Accurate and Reliable Data

Principia has identified a series of uses and benefits of Principia BuilderSeries® to drive market share, expand market coverage and target growth opportunities in the residential building products industry.




Change the way your company views the residential construction market with Principia BuilderSeries® data products available for major building product categories.

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