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Industry participants in building materials and construction are anxious to know where the market is headed as they plan for the coming year. The most successful organizations stay close to the market and stay aware of key market drivers and the impact on their business. Business Conditions 2019 is Principia’s annual high-level overview of the market and outlines macroeconomic and housing factors impacting the building materials and construction industry. Industry players can learn more about the following:


  • What is the overall economic outlook, and how will mortgage interest rates be affected?
  • Do consumers feel confident about the economy continuing to expand through 2019?


  • What is the impact of technology adoption, e.g., off-site construction?
  • Will technology counterbalance labor shortage and influence productivity?

New Construction and Remodeling

  • How does the rate of new home construction in 2019 compare to 2014–2018 period?
  • Will remodeling activity in 2019 compare favorably to 2018’s decade-high level?

To download the Business Conditions 2019 overview, click here.  

Principia BuilderSeries® data products provide deep insights on how these high-level market influencers impact demand on specific residential product categories. For more information about Principia BuilderSeries®, visit our website.