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A distinctive exterior façade sets a home apart from its neighbors right from the first impression. Aside from the structure and shape of the home, the choice of a siding and trim package creates an immediate impact. Builders also recognize the selling value of curb appeal from siding but are sensitive to the cost involved, both materials and labor, but particularly labor at a time when labor shortages exist. Many siding products are now designed with easier to install or time-saving features, e.g., full panels, longer lengths, fastening options, compared to traditional materials that formerly required more craftsmanship and time— a real cost savings benefit to both builders and contractors. Siding products that provide lower ‘on the wall’ installed cost will allow production builders to deliver affordable entry-level homes to Millennials as this demographic group enters the home buying market. 

Better visual design options including the increased use of on-trend colors, mixed textures, and unique profiles to create a personalized home design whether new or an instant facelift for an existing home. These options come available for siding products in a broad range of architectural style preferences found in different parts of the country. A recent homeowner survey from Principia found that product durability and low maintenance also rank high on the importance list for both new and existing homeowners who recognize the ongoing upkeep cost as well as the time involved. Most homeowners prefer to relax and enjoy their home life rather than the cost and effort to maintain their home.