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Here are four takeaways from Principia’s latest survey of homeowners with recent roofing replacement projects.

  • Nearly 75% of homeowners in the Southwest replaced their roof due to weather damage. In other regions, only 44% of homeowners cited weather as the reason for replacement.
  • Homeowners ranked performance and warranty as the most important attributes for a new roof. The least important attributes were total cost and brand.
  • Over 75% of homeowners surveyed replaced their roofing with the same material.
  • Homeowners cited choice of contractor and color as the top two things they would change if given the opportunity.

Principia conducts over 15,000 surveys annually across the building and construction industry value chain. The information gathered from direct dialogue with key stakeholders provides clients with firsthand insight on industry issues and trends. For more insight on homeowner buying behavior from Principia’s Voice of Customer survey findings or other roofing product offeringscontact us today.