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Illustration of a screening matrix developed in the Opportunity Screening phase

Business Opportunity Assessment: What You Can Expect from Principia’s Approach

Conducting a thorough business opportunity assessment is essential for making informed decisions in today’s competitive business environment. Key steps and high-level outcomes of our Business Opportunity Assessment support how to identify, evaluate, and capitalize on opportunities for next level growth. From market research to financial analysis, each decision-making step plays a crucial role in determining the feasibility and potential of an investment-grade opportunity.

Steps of a Business Opportunity Assessment:

  1. Discovery: Define business objectives, establish criteria for the strategic rubric.
  2. Ideation: Develop list of potential opportunities to screen for market attractiveness and company fit.
  3. Opportunity Screening: Evaluate opportunities against attractiveness and fit based on client’s strategic rubric.
  4. Opportunity Assessment: Assess market demand, the competitive landscape, and map the buying process for product/  brand selection.
  5. Business Case: Determine which opportunities represent the best return on investment based on financial returns.

Working With Principia

Principia’s approach leverages extensive market research and unmatched industry knowledge gained through nearly 30 years focused on the building and construction industry. By following these steps and analyzing key factors, we can help you identify viable opportunities, mitigate risks, and develop a clear roadmap for next level growth.

Contact us today to learn more about our Business Opportunity Assessment program and how you can customize this service to maximize your company’s growth trajectory.