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Principia recently published its report on the liquid applied roofing market and identified 5 key learnings for investment consideration.

1. Ripe for Consolidation. The liquid applied roofing (LAR) market is a fragmented market which includes over 100 participants including manufacturers and suppliers of private labeled products. With its high growth rate and relatively recent status as an established category segment, it is ripe for consolidation.

2. Growth Market. LAR accounts for only 24% of overall commercial roofing demand but is growing at nearly 10% annually – approaching 3X the growth rate for the commercial roofing industry which makes this high growth market an attractive investment opportunity.

3. Young Market. LAR is a fairly young market with both established and innovative technology deployed to meet the evolving market trends in commercial roofing. Opportunity exists to create a platform of product offerings to meet the critical needs in the market.

4. Market Demand. The new economic realities learned since the mid-2000’s recession combined with a focus on environmental ‘greening’ has led to increased market interest in a lower cost and no-waste solution for roof restoration offered by LAR.

5. Financial Benefit. From an owner’s point of view, LAR is typically considered a maintenance expense, rather than a capital expense, allowing the building owner to write the full cost of the restoration off in the year in which it occurs, rather than writing down the full cost of a roof restored through a traditional depreciation schedule over time.

Are you positioned to take advantage of this fast growing segment? Principia’s latest industry report on liquid applied roofing provides detailed insights and analysis.