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Contractor Satisfaction Analysis & Reports

HVAC Customer Satisfaction Analysis

Our program examines the factors influencing brand choice and loyalty. Those factors are then examined to determine its importance to the contractor/brand relationship providing you the insight needed to make key decisions.

Why the Data Matters

Understand Your Market Performance

Understand your brand’s performance on the most important drivers of satisfaction, resulting in value received and willingness to recommend.

Improve Customer Experience

Build an installer-centric approach for your organization and gain better understanding of your contractors’ requirements and concerns.

Increase Contractor Acquisition

Impact your ability to attract and retain installers and contractors while improving your products and standards of service.

Contractor Satisfaction Index

Developed with subscribers and assessed for their importance in driving purchase decisions, supplier satisfaction, and loyalty.


Satisfaction is based on many factors, including available products, ease of installation, durability, and quality of warranty.

Service and Support

Evaluations of responsiveness, service, marketing, onsite support, contractor loyalty programs, and accurate/on-time orders delivered.

Price and Value

Product price and overall value highly influence a contractor’s decision and ongoing brand choices.

Recommendations to Customers

An in-depth look at how often a preferred brand is suggested, the effectiveness of converting preferred brand to consumers, continued recommendations, and more.

How It All Breaks Down

Data is gathered to better understand what drives recommendations, purchases, and loyalty and how those are represented in a variety of demographics.

Customer Satisfaction Index

  • Industry highlights and trends
  • Competitive performance overview by segment
  • Access to competitive data to see how your company compares to your competitors, the industry, and the highest performers
  • Strategic recommendations, ongoing best practices, and analysis of high-performing residential asphalt roofing brands
  • Methodology overview
  • Data set (Excel) or online portal

Contractor Segmentation Analysis

  • Geographic region
  • Annual revenue (Average job size)
  • Job type (new vs. replacement)
  • Job role (owner vs. installer)
  • Type of firm (specialty contractors, remodelers, etc.)
  • Primary brand vs. secondary brands

How It Works


Principia determines which of 30 factors are driving contractor satisfaction.


Contractors then rate the performance of their preferred brands on those attributes graded as most important to the purchase process.


This results in the Contractor Satisfaction Score for each brand tracked in the study.


Contractors are also asked about when they recommend a brand to their customers and the effectiveness of those recommendations.

Your Success Is Our Success

Principia is dedicated to partnering with clients to ensure your team gets maximum value and impact.

What to Expect

  • Access to industry analysts / subject matter experts
  • Check-in throughout partnership to discuss needs and successes
  • Industry specific communications via email and blogs
  • Portal support by a customer success manager

How to Get Started

To discuss your needs and how the Contractor Satisfaction: HVAC report can benefit your company, fill out this form.


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