Contractor Satisfaction

Understand the key drivers of satisfaction and how brands perform against each other, provide insights and actionable steps to increase share.

Contractor Satisfaction is One of the Most Effective Means to Drive Results

Principia research has found contractors make or influence the brand choice over 70% of the time. Therefore, contractor satisfaction and loyalty drive share—having the right contractors aligned with your brand will increase your revenue and market share. Our Contractor Satisfaction studies explore a wide range of purchase drivers to determine which are most critical to contractor satisfaction, then measuring how well individual brands perform on these drivers.

Contractor Satisfaction is available for the following categories:

Additional categories coming soon. Contact us for more information.

Key Benefits of Contractor Satisfaction Subscription

Contractor satisfaction will examine contractor satisfaction for the brands they use and represent to their homeowner customers. The study will also gauge the frequency and effectiveness of contractor recommendations to influence the final purchase decision. Benefits for subscribers include:


Understand Your Market Performance

Understand your brand’s performance vs. competitors on most important drivers of satisfaction related to product, service and support, and price resulting in value received and ultimately willingness to recommend.


Improve Customer Experience

  • Build an installer-centric approach for your organization
  • Gain better understanding of your contractors' requirements and concerns

Contractor Acquisition and Loyalty

  • Impact your ability to attract and retain installers/ contractors
  • Improve your products and standards of service aligned to contractor needs

Annual Study

  • The study will be based on responses from more than 1,500 qualified contractors
  • As an annual study, you will have the ability to measure progress year-over-year

Contractor Satisfaction Program Elements Covered:

Principia will utilize a two-staged approach to statistically examine each factor in determining its importance to the contractor brand relationship.

Contractor Satisfaction Index

Principia will determine an overall Contractor Satisfaction Index score for each brand. Each step of the process is briefly outlined below.

  • Measure relative importance of 30 factors in contractors' brand decisions
  • Apply a second stage to assign importance rating score
  • Rate suppliers' performance on each of the most important attributes
  • Multiply each supplier performance score by the importance of that attribute

The satisfaction drivers will be jointly developed with subscribers and assessed for their importance in driving purchase decisions, supplier satisfaction, and loyalty. Key topic areas covered:

  • Product
  • Service and support
  • Price and value
  • Recommendation to consumers

Contractor Segmentation Analysis

The primary purpose of this program is to provide the relative importance of purchase motivators, while comparing contractor satisfaction with preferred brand performance on these motivators. In addition, the same scoring will be employed to present differences among the entire contractor sample based on their demographic profiles. This analysis will be provided for the following groupings:

  • Geographic regions
  • Annual revenue
  • Average job size
  • Job type (new vs. replacement)
  • Job role (owner vs. installer)
  • Type of firm (specialty contractors, remodelers, etc.)
  • Primary brand vs. secondary brands
  • Primary purchase location (big box, lumberyard, etc.)

Markets Served

Contractor Satisfaction is currently available in the market segments below.
Click on the link to download more information about each segment's program details.

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