Homeowner Journey

Understanding the journey of homeowners throughout the decision-making process during home improvement projects can help strengthen customer relationships.

Mapping the Homeowner Journey

Principia has defined the Homeowner Journey into five stages: awareness, consideration, nurture, purchase, and advocacy. 

Principia will examine and map the homeowner experience by tracking multiple touch points during each stage, including how confident they feel following each stage on multiple variables such as price, product, brand, installation, where to buy, etc.

In addition, the homeowner’s emotional state, or mood, is measured through each stage of the journey. The resulting emotional curve provides a compiled view on where the brand owner can take appropriate actions to maintain or increase the level of engagement throughout the experience.

Homeowner Journey 2021 is available for the following categories:

Additional categories coming soon. Contact us today for more information.

Key Benefits of Homeowner Journey Subscription

Principia will walk each homeowner through their purchase process to provide:


Precise Understanding of:

  • Homeowner design making process
  • Best practices for prospect nurturing to encourage sale
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Assessment of:

  • Sales and marketing program effectiveness

Detailed Framework for:

  • The points at which brands, contractors, and dealers most influence homeowner purchase decisions
  • Guidance where and how to positively influence homeowner purchase process

Understanding of:

  • How to manage the emotional state of the homeowner during the purchase process
  • Homeowner expectations of post-sale service, support, and problem resolution

Homeowner Journey Program Elements:

No journey is the same for every homeowner. A large, robust sample of purchasers for each category is necessary to determine what the optimal journey is for the largest cross section of homeowners.

Optimal Homeowner Journey

The optimal homeowner journey will be provided through statistical analysis to convey:

  • Correlation of touch points (whether by brand, contractor, or dealer) to eventual purchase
  • Correlation of touch points to confidence in pricing, product selection, brand selection, where to buy, etc., following each stage of the journey
  • Correlation of touch points with homeowner's emotional state, following each stage of the journey
  • Incidence of change in brand decision during each stage, correlated with the experiencing of each touch point

Emotional Curve

Examining the emotional curve of the homeowner journey is a critical layer of insight into brand interactions by measuring the highs and lows experienced during the buying process.
Principia measures the level of emotional engagement at each stage of the journey, signaling where there is opportunity to influence/ respond to the homeowner experience.

  • Homeowners' level of confidence on multiple variables including pricing, product, brand, installation, where to buy, etc. at each stage
  • Emotional state (frustrated, anxious, uncertain, excited, confused, confident, etc.)
  • Identifying the stage where the homeowner's mind was changed related to pricing, product, brand, installation, where to buy, etc.

Markets Served

Homeowner Journey is currently available in the market segments below.
Click on the link to download more information about each segment's program details.

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