Metal Roofing 2018

A comprehensive view of demand, supply and market outlook of metal roofing.

Understanding Metal Roofing Demand

Interest in metal roofing is growing as steep slope roofing segment sales expand in light commercial new construction and residential remodeling. Increasing architect and property owner acceptance is helping this segment become a multi-billion dollar market.

Metal Roofing 2018 is delivered through Principia’s online market model and forecast tool alongside a detailed report offering an unequaled, 360° industry view of supply and demand for the metal roofing market.



Metal Roofing 2018 provides access to insights that support critical decision making.

Easy to Reference Format

Benchmark, analyze, forecast and plan for metal roofing revenue by dealer/retailer, major product, supplier and region. Using 2017 as a launch point, the report analyzes demand drivers and trends by material, construction type, distribution channel, supplier and region, providing forecasts through 2020.

Market Model and Forecast Tool

View market demand data through our proprietary online delivery platform. Subscribers can interact with the data real time to view dashboards or download and manipulate the data for strategic and tactical planning needs, internal management reporting and customer conversations.

Detailed Industry Report

Access a summary report of current market size, trends and developments, and keys for future success and outlook. Principia’s Metal Roofing 2018 quantifies the current and projected size of the metal roofing market in residential and commercial construction in North America, details product flow through distribution channels, defines drivers and trends of future demand, calibrates supplier market share, and assesses the opportunity for value creation in the industry segment.

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